PangoLinu: THE PLAY-TO-EARN PangoCoin

PangoLinu limited time presale. Buy today for a discount on what crypto publications say will become the worlds biggest meme coin.

Friday, December 2, 2022 18:00 PM-Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

100% Secure

  • Contract code fully audited by SafuAudit and shown to be 100% secure

  • Team fully verified by Coinmooner to ensure anti-rug and complete project security

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The newest Pango on the block

PangoLinu is coming out the gate turning, becoming one of the biggest hyped meme coins of all time and pushing the boundaries of the Play-to-Earn space, in order to provide a game that people will be climbing over each other to use.

PangoLinu (PANGO) is the gateway token of the PangoVerse - where you'll be able to mint, breed and battle your own PangoLinu pet in the metaverse.

PangoLinu will give everyone the ability to mint the Pangos they want to, and will allow users to breed, train and battle their PangoLinu NFTs to top the leaderboard every single month. Over time the Play-to-Earn opportunities will be expanding to include augmented reality experiences, allowing your NFT to play with its friends in the PangoVerse.

PangoLinu isn’t just the future of the Pango ecosystem, it’s the future of Play-to-Earn.

PangoLinu Token
PangoLinu Pets
PangoLinu Games
PangoLinu Leaderboards


Q3 2022

PangoLinu Launch

Presale launch of the PangoLinu token
Website Launch
Full Security Audit
Influencer Marketing Drive

Q4 2022

PangoLinu Pets

PangoLinu NFT Petstore opens
Initial CEX listings
PangoLinu battling leaderboard
P2E Leaderboard and Giveaways
Regular marketing events

Q1 2023

Metaverse Partnerships

Exploring parterships with established metaverse projects
Further CEX listings
Additional P2E Giveaways

Q2 2023

CEX Listing Drive

Large focus on the CEX

PANGO aiming to be on all
main exchanges

Q3 2023

PangoLinu P2E

A collection of PangoLinu P2E Arcade games

Physical PangoLinu rewards as well as token prizes

Q4 2023


Launch of the PangoLinu AR app allowing you to play with your PangoLinu pet.